Terms of use

Article 1 (Application of the Terms) These terms apply to members and the Company regarding the use of services provided to members based on these terms (hereinafter referred to as the “services”) on the website “MIRU” operated by IRuniverse Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “company”). Shall be Article 2 (Accreditation of Membership and the Terms and Conditions) A member is any corporation or individual who applies for admission after approving the terms and conditions and has accepted admission based on this application. Each paid member will pay the prescribed membership fee. The Company may change the Terms without any notice, and the Member shall approve it. Article 3 (Start of service and period, number of subscribed terminals) The service start date for members is based on the date the paid member applies to the paid member application process or the date on which the company confirmed the payment. The period during which paid members can subscribe to e-mails, paid information, etc. shall be the usage period specified by each service. Article 4 (Copyright) Members may not resell or sublicense all or part of the Service to any third party, unless expressly permitted in a separate agreement. In addition, it is not possible to reprint, copy or divert paid information or free news without our permission. Article 5 (Contents of the Service) The contents of the service provided by the Company through “MIRU” are the web such as paid information and free news about information on economics, industries, and all resource trends (mineral resources to scraps) around the world, mainly in Japan, and information planned independently. It is site delivery. Delivery of LME (londonMetalExchange) and NYcomex market reports (all day in London or New York) is available as an optional service each morning. In addition, offer of various services such as investigation consulting becomes individual service by estimate separately. Article 6 (Usage fee for this service) The fee for this service to pay members is based on the separately defined fee system. Members acknowledge that the service fee received by the Company will not be refunded for any reason. Article 7 (Change of this service) We may change the content of this service without notifying members in advance. In addition, even if a member is disadvantaged or damaged due to the change, the Company shall not be liable. Article 8 (Installation and Maintenance of Equipment, etc.) Members install communication equipment, computers and other facilities necessary for receiving the service with their own burden, maintain them to operate normally, and access “MIRU” via the selected provider will do. Article 9 (ID and Password Management) Members shall use the ID and password set at the time of enrollment application in order to receive the provision of the Service on "MIRU". Members are fully responsible for the management and use of their IDs and passwords when using the Service. Members shall not take any action, such as third party use of ID and password, loan, transfer, name change, sale, purchase, etc. If a member finds out that the ID and password have been stolen or is being used by a third party, he / she will immediately notify the Company to that effect. In addition, when there is an instruction from our company, this shall be followed. Article 10 (Members' Duties) Members shall not engage in the actions listed in the following items when using the Service. ・ The act of falsifying the information distributed to the website by “MIRU”. ・ Send or write harmful computer programs etc. ・ The act of using ID and password illegally. ・ Any act that interferes with the operation of the Service, regardless of the means. ・ Acts that insult or defam a third party, or defam. ・ The act of violating the property of the third party, privacy. ・ Other actions that the Company deems inappropriate. Article 11 (automatic renewal rule) As a general rule, renewal with the end of period of paid members will be automatic renewal. If a paid member wishes to stop, terminate, or suspend the Service, the Company shall notify the Company in writing or by email one month prior to the end of the period. We will confirm the notification of termination, termination and suspension of the service in writing or by email from paid members, and we will notify you of receipt, notification or notification of suspension, termination and suspension of the service by writing or email. Therefore, it is assumed that the termination, termination, and suspension of this service for paid members are approved. Article 12 (Stop / Cancellation of Membership) If the member falls under any of the following reasons, the Company may suspend or cancel the membership without giving any prior notice or notification to the member. ・ When there is an act listed in Article 10. ・ When we received suspension of business, cancellation of business license cancellation from the regulatory authority, or suspension or change of business. ・ Failure to fulfill the obligation to our company even once. ・ When a member receives a petition for seizure, provisional seizure, temporary disposition, etc., or a delinquent disposition. ・ When you receive a petition for bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, company reorganization, special liquidation, company reorganization, etc., or when you petition for it yourself. ・ When it violates any of the terms of this agreement. ・ In addition, when the Company deems inappropriate as a member. In the case of termination of membership, if the member has a debt to the Company, the entire amount shall be paid immediately. Article 13 (Change of notification matters) Members shall notify the Company without delay if there is a change in the matters notified to the Company at the time of application for admission. Members shall approve in advance that they will be considered to have arrived when they should normally arrive, even if they fail to receive the notification from the Company if they fail to receive the notification given in the preceding paragraph. Article 14 (Consent of Member Information Handling) The member agrees that the company will own the matters notified to the company at the time of application for admission and the matters related to the member providing service. The Member agrees that, based on the preceding paragraph, the Company will notify, notify, confirm, etc. various information related to the Service by means of DM, mail by means of publications, e-mail or other means. Paid members can offer to the Company to cancel the notice. Article 15 (How to notify members from our company) The notice from the Company to the Member shall be notified by e-mail to the address notified by the Member to the Company in advance based on Article 13, the notice on “MIRU”, or other means deemed appropriate by the Company. . If the notice set forth in the preceding paragraph is sent by e-mail, the Company will send an e-mail to the server to which the member is affiliated, and if the notice has arrived at the server, or by posting on "MIRU", the notice. Will be posted on “MIRU”, and it will be deemed that the notification to the member is completed when it becomes possible for the member to access the “MIRU” and to view the notification. Article 16 (Interruption and suspension of this service) The Company may suspend or suspend part or all of the Service without notifying members in advance, if any of the following events apply: In this case, the Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the member or third party. ・ When carrying out maintenance and inspection of the system and provision of this service, and updating regularly or urgently. ・ If it is difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as fire, blackout or natural disaster. -In addition, when it is necessary for us to temporarily suspend or stop this service due to an operational or technical problem, or when it is determined that we have difficulty to provide this service due to an unexpected situation. Article 17 (End of Business) The Company may, at the discretion of the business, terminate the operation of the MIRU and the provision of the Service. In that case, prior notification shall be given to members one month before the end. Article 18 (damages) The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the members using the Service. If a member damages a third party by using this service, the member will solve with his own responsibility and cost, and will not damage the company. If a member damages the Company due to an act contrary to the Terms, or an illegal or illegal act, the Company shall be able to claim appropriate damages from the member. Article 19 (Disclaimer) Each content of MIRU is provided based on various information and data considered to be the most reliable until the time of creation. IRuniverse Inc. and external information providers are not responsible for any loss or damage that may be incurred as a result of using the content or due to the delay, interruption, or error of the content. Article 20 (Consent jurisdiction) In the event of a dispute regarding the Terms and Conditions, we accept that the simplified courts and district courts that have jurisdiction over the location of our headquarters be the competent court, regardless of the amount of complaint. Supplementary rules Enforced on December 9, 2011