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What is MIRU?

MIRU (Metal Information Resources Universe) is a subscribers-only news website providing a variety of information on a wide range of topics focusing on mining, metals, and resources, from the latest news to past data.

MIRU covers many specific topics and information through unique access to local Japanese interviews. The number of articles on our Japanese website ( is 64,000 (as of Nov 2023) and the number of items/products we are following is nearly 350.

To become a MIRU subscriber, go and register now. You can access the latest hot topics in Japan as well as its market trends.

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Subscription Plans

MIRU offers two annual subscription plans as follows.

  • MIRU Global Edition (1year) ★ 300,000 JPY p.a.

    In addition to access to the MIRU English website (including PRO-labelled articles), you can now access all the articles listed on the MIRU Japanese website including PRO-labelled articles and price data. However, since articles on our Japanese website are written only in Japanese, you may need to use your browser's automatic translation function as necessary.

    Subscribers of this plan can also receive a special service in which we answer your questions anytime by email.

  • MIRU English Edition (1year) 100,000 JPY p.a.

    An annual subscription to the MIRU English website. Under this plan, you can access articles listed on the MIRU English website, such as some translated articles from Japanese, event announcements, weekly digests of Japanese news, and price data written in English (except for PRO-labelled articles).

Registration Steps

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Plans and fees

MIRU subscription

  MIRU Global Edition MIRU English Edition
Fee 300,000 JPY p.a. 100,000 JPY p.a.
Contents All content English site only (Excludes premium content)
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Payment Method
*1 CSV Downloading You can download a CSV file of market information (such as market prices). The sample is >> here. *2 Printing You can print articles and market information. *3 Attached file downloading You can download article attachments. The sample is >> here.

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